About Us

Incorporated in 1992, the Wah Yan Alumni Association Southern California Chapter (WYAASCC) was established to provide a meeting place for Wah Yan past students of both the Hong Kong and Kowloon campuses. Its primary purpose is to promote interaction and communication among its members.  Activities are organized to benefit our our chapter members and communities in Southern California.

With membership at around 200, the Association holds monthly dinner meetings featuring prominent guest speakers and where appropriate, special field trips or events to promote friendship and recreation among its members and their families.

Past presidents of the Association include founder Gavin Lam (1992-93), Thomas Chan (1994), Pius Lee (1995), William Ying (1996), Patrick Lam (1997), Albert Young (1998-2000), Matthew Lau (2001), Albert Young (2001-2003), Gavin Lam (2004-2005), Eric Yew (2006-2007), Joseph Koay (2008), Alex Man (2009-2010) and our current president Jason Chan (2011).

The Association has been growing steadily since its inception and boasts a rich diversified membership base: from college attending students to octogenarians, from physicists to CPAs, and from physicians to marketers. For further information on the Association, please send an email to us.

Mission Statement

The missions of the Association include:

  • Helping Wah Yan students coming to Southern California to pursue a degree in higher education to adapt to an unfamiliar environment.

  • Facilitating interactions and communications among the Wahyanites in Southern California.

  • Holding activities and events that let Wahyanites in Southern California contribute to the two Wah Yan colleges in Hong Kong.


Officers of 2010-2011

President: Jason Chan
Vice President: Simon Koo
Secretary: Derek Tsang
Chief Financial Officer: Jamie Szeto
Student Liaison:

Aaron Tsui

Eddie Ng

Directors of 2011

  • Albert Young
  • Alex Man
  • Bill Ying
  • Charles Mau
  • David Yuen
  • Eric Yew
  • Gavin Lam
  • John Chiu
  • Matthew Lau
  • Raymond Chan
  • Tom Chan
  • Jason Chan
  • Simon Koo
  • Derek Tsang
  • Jamie Szeto
  • Aaron Tsui
  • Eddie Ng

Past Directors and Officers

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