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Jan 8, 2004 Monthly Meeting

First Thursday Meeting a success
By David Yuen
The Wah Yan Alumni Association of Southern California held its First monthly meeting at the Holiday Café in Monterey Park on Thursday, January 8th, 2004. The turnout was exceptionally good. Twenty One alumni, plus our treasurer Franky Low’s better half, attended.
Jesuit Nursing Fund - via “Wah Yan Alumni Scholarship Foundation”
Gavin Lam, our new president, discussed the plight of our retired Jesuit teachers in Hong Kong. There was a tax deductible fund, the “Wah Yan Alumni Scholarship Foundation” fund, that was already set up. It can be used also to help our retired teachers. Gavin urged all the alumni to help in this worthwhile endeavor. Tax deductible receipts were available.
June Anniversary Celebration -old memorabilia
Peter Leung, with co-chair Matthew Lau, discussed the progress of the June 5th , 2004 conference. This is an independent West Coast conference on top of the International Conference to be held in Hong Kong on November 13-15, 2004. May be San Francisco and Vancouver can join us together to make it a true West Coast affair. Two vice principals, Messieurs Raymond Yu and Anthony Ho, will be and/or have been contacted. The one contacted will be able to attend. Another senior alumni, owner of the Longevity Milk brand fame, who is ninety years old himself, may attend. We are currently soliciting exhibits of old memorabilia and old photos.
Mars Exploration
One of our alumni, Edward Wong, is a team member of the JPL Mars project. He gave an impromptu talk on the Spirit rover that landed successfully on Mars last week. He was involved in the control development of the rover. He said that the parachute of Spirit had to open two seconds earlier that planned, due to high speed of the landing, resulting in higher than expected temperature. Electrical tripping caused the initial non-communication after the rover landed on Mars. The rover will explore Mars at a leisure pace of 50m to 100m per day. Last, but not least, before the meeting was adjoined, Gavin announced that the dinner was on him, as an added incentive for everyone to make a donation to the Wah Yan Alumni Scholarship Foundation.