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The 7th Wah Yan International Conference in 2000

  • Date: 8/4/2000 to 8/6/2000 
  • Location: Los Angeles



Jesuit Fathers

  • Fr. Anthony Farren  1958-present;  WYK Principal, 1960-66
  • Fr. Joseph Foley  1955-91;  WYHK Principal, 1962-68
  • Fr. George Zee  1966-present;  WYK Supervisor, 1966 - present

Principals and Assistant Principals

  • Mr. So Chung-ping, Norman  1972-present;   First WYK Lay Principal, 1991-present
  • Mr. Tam Siu-ping, George  1974-present;   First WYHK Lay Principal, 1996-present
  • Mr. Ho Chun-yuen, Anthony  1957-77 (WYK Mathematics);  Assistant Principal, 1967-77
  • Mr. Yu Pui-lam, Raymond  1960-85;   Assistant Principal, 1968-85


  • Mr. Wong Chin-wah  1952-86 (WYK Chemistry)
  • Mr. Hsueh Wei-chiang, Wilson  1958-74 (WYK Music)
  • Mr. Kong Chi-kwan, Francis  1961-99 (WYK English)
  • Mr. Mui Kan-koon  1961-66 (WYK Sports)
  • Mr. Lai Ping-chang, Joseph  1961-95 (WYK Chinese, Chinese History)
  • Mr. Tam Chi-shing, Lawrence  1956-72 (WYK Arts)

Commendation Letters

Conference Feedback

Fr. George Zee

Dear Albert, James and all the generous and dedicated alumni,

Thank you so much for organising such a successful and happy gathering. I met my classmate, Joseph Lau, whom I haven't seen since '58. Raymond Wong, another classmate that I hadn't seen for 2 decades, wrote me, appreciating very much what you have done and is planning on going to Toronto the next time.

I'm sure many others have similar experiences. Thank you for your effort in bringing about such reunions and for helping to create uplifting and happy memories....

George (Zee, S.J.)
August 13, 2000. 

Mr. Anthony Ho

Dear Albert,

Enjoyed reading your work on the conference. Sums up the whole event beautifully. The conclusion, in particular, is full of Spirit of Wah Yan.

Anthony Ho
November 14, 2000.

Mr. George Tam

Dear Professor Tong,

Please excuse this belated thank you to you and to all the LA Wahyanites who helped make this summer's Wah Yan conference such a success...

It was a delight to see so many Wahyanites under the same roof enjoying themselves so far from 281 Queen's Road East. While I was with you I was struck by how proud you all are to share a common Jesuit heritage. Isn't it strange that even though many had not met each other before or indeed been at school together everybody felt a strong Wahyanite bond?

Lastly, I hope that the Wahyanite chapter continues to flourish. I look forward to seeing you again wither in LA or hopefully at Wah Yan when you are next in Hong Kong.

Yours gratefully,

Tam Siu Ping, George
September 14, 2000.

Mr. Lawrence Tam

Dear James,

My greateful thanks for everything you have done for me and my wife for our participation in the 7th Wah Yan International Conference at Los Angeles.

As I can see, you and a few others are instrumental for the great success of the Conference. Please accept my sincere congratulations.

Laurence Tam
(retired WYK Arts Teacher)
August 23, 2000.

Mr. K. K. Lam

Dear James,

We owed you folks a big thank you for looking after Fr. Farren and Fr. Foley. They seem to enjoy the trip...

It was a very successful conference and the Conference Board should be congratulated once again for a difficult job superbly done. Please let us know if any help is required. We are ready to assist.

K K Lam
August 15, 2000.

Mr. Joseph C. Wong

Dear Albert,

On behalf of our members who attended the 7th INC conference I would like to congratulate you and all your members for holding such a successful and meaningful function. We also have to thank you for the hospitality you showed us during our stay in LA, surely the Wah Yan spirit at work. Please keep in touch and join us in Toronto for the 8th conference in 2002.

Best wishes,

Joseph C. Wong
August 8, 2000.

Photos from the event


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