Chinese New Year Potluck Gathering

We will be holding a Chinese New Year Potluck Gathering in February to celebrate the Chinese New Year of Ox! Please see the details in the following:

    • Date: 2/1/2009 (Sunday)

    • Time: 12 pm

    • Location: Gavin's home

Since this is a potluck event, please bring one food item with you. The amount of food should be equal to the one of a regular lunch for one person.

In order to let you know what food items other people are going to bring, we have created a online spreadsheet that anyone can see. We will use this spreadsheet for you to sign up for the event too. You can find the link of the spreadsheet in the invitation email that we will be sending you.

Before you decide what food to bring, please take a look at the spreadsheet to avoid duplication. If you need to edit your entry, just submit the form again and we will remove your previous entry for you.

Feel free to prepare any game or talk that you want to share with everyone too.

Event Photos