Scholarship Fund and Fr. Deignan Scholarship for US undergraduate studies

Our scholarship fund was established mainly to participate and support the Fr. Deignan Scholarship lead by the Wah Yan Alumni Association San Francisco Bay Area Chapter. This fund provides assistance to Wah Yan students who would like to have an university education in the US and have true financial needs. The scholarship fund of our Chapter has committed to contribute a half scholarship annually ( $4,000) to this scholarship. Prof. Paul Lee is currently representing our Chapter to participate in the candidate selection process. Please visit this page for further details. If you would like to donate to this fund, please contact us. Our scholarship program also also accept donations and contribute to other programmatic needs of Wah Yan College.

Financial Summary

The Scholarship Fund account is maintained at UBS Financial Service Inc., Menlo Park, CA. Stephen Luk ( HK75) is the financial advisor.

  • Donation received 2005-2014 : $115,823.

    • Contribution 2005-2014 : $85,200.

    • Balance as of Dec 31, 2014 : $37,154.