Jesuit Health Fund

Thanks for all your support in the past years, our Chapter has been contributing $3,000 each year since 2004 and Wah Yan HK 75 Boys joined in since 2018 for another $1,000 each year for the well being of the retired Jesuit Father in Hong Kong. We were privileged to receive their good teachings and inspiration and this fund is just showing our appreciation in a small way. Our fund is healthy with no fund raising needs. However, if you are in a mood of giving to show your appreciation and care, please feel free to do so. With a larger fund, we shall increase our annual contribution or look into what we can do above and beyond what we are doing now. Your donation is tax deductible.  

Fund Background

The Jesuit Health Fund is a special purpose dedicated fund we established to proudly take care of the aged Jesuit priests who do not enjoy any government care like retired teachers do.

Wahyanites experienced first hand how dedicated these Jesuit Fathers have been and we were privileged to receive their good teachings and inspiration. Jesuit Fathers had spent their lives in Wah Yan: a complete devotion and commitment for us. We were a bunch of naughty boys totally not related to them, yet they stayed and worked with us for their whole lives. Furthermore, they donate all their salary to benefit the schools.  We believe that we must endeavor to help Wah Yan and the Jesuit Fathers since they deserve our care and love 200%. In fact, we have received request for support more than one time. Please read the following two documents for details:

In 2004, Southern California Chapter took the initiative to form a Jesuit Father Fund under the Wah Yan Scholarship Foundation of California. Thanks to many enthusiastic Wahyanites from North and Southern California, including Albert, Dunson, Sunney, Dennis, Paul, Robert, James, Victor, Michael, John, Franky, Pius, Raymond, Richard, Sammy, Dickson, Clement, Wilfred, Peter, Bernard, Derek, Philip, Ignatius, Dominic, Rober, Eric, Jason, David, Daniel, William, Abe, Edwin, Laurence, Lawrence, Stephen and many others that participated in the June gathering, a funding of US$31,234 was established. Each year, our Chapter will donate US$3,000 from this fund to “Wah Yan College Hong Kong -Jesuit Health Fund”. Our annual contribution amounts to about 10% of their annual fund raising target. If a situation calls for, such as the medical situation in 2003, the board can authorize to donate part or all of the fund. Please feel free to use the Hong Kong form to donate directly to Hong Kong.

The “Wah Yan College Hong Kong -Jesuit Helath Fund” is administered by WYCHK. Principal Tam gives an update to WYCHK-PSA on a monthly basis. The fund is for around 20 Jesuit Fathers in both Wah Yan plus places like Ricci Hall in HKU and Xavier Retreat House in Cheung Chau. A health check is done every year by Dr. Fong Mun Ho (WYHK '74) for the Jesuit Fathers. A domestic help is employed using the fund to help the Jesuits in caring need. Please visit for Directory of Jesuit Fathers.

Making a donation

Please contact Gavin Lam if you have any question. If you would like to make a donation, please

We are also asking all of you to solicit for matching donors. Thank you very much for your generosity and effort.

Financial Summary

The Jesuit Fund account is maintained at UBS Financial Service Inc., Menlo Park, CA.  Stephen Luk ( HK75) is the financial advisor.