Dinner with Father Chow

    • Date: 8/4/2008

    • Time: 6:30 pm

    • Location: NBC Seafood Restaurant (was Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant)

    • Address: 404 S Atlantic Blvd Monterey Park, CA 91754

    • Phone: (626) 282-2323

    • Guest: Father Chow (Supervisor of WYK and WYHK), Matthew Chu (Education psychologist at Wah Yan for a number of years)

    • Price: $40 for non-student, $20 for student

You family/spouse are welcome to this event. Father Chow has changed his original plan and come to meet Wah Yan alumni in Los Angeles for two days (8/4 - 8/5) so please join us and show your support! The price may sound a little bit expensive and the reason is that we are sponsoring the airfare for Father Chow and Matthew Chu to come to Los Angeles from San Jose.

Reason for location change: We just found that Empress Harbor Seafood Restaurant holds night events on every Monday and Friday. During the event, a live band will perform and the patrons will sing and dance. Although we have booked a banquet room, the music will be so loud that would probably interrupt Father Chow's and Matthew Chu's speeches. This will be annoying to both the speakers and the listeners.

Event Photo